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Jim Crume P.L.S., M.S., CFedS


I have several decades of land surveying and civil engineering experience. I was first licensed in 1983 in Wyoming and Utah. In 1986 I became licensed in Arizona. I was appointed a United States Mineral Surveyor in 1986. I have been practicing Land Surveying in Arizona since 1990. I became a Certified Federal Surveyor in 2007. I have several decades of computer programming experience related to computer aided drafting and coordinate geometry. I am the pioneer in the use of Digital Signatures in Arizona for professional documents.


My experience includes the preparation of right of way plans, writing legal descriptions, research at the recorder's offices and field surveying. In addition, I have extensive experience in field surveying for numerous ADOT construction projects in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and right-of-way plans preparation for ADOT. As a project manager I have overseen and prepared all elements on a variety of projects. I have many years of practical field experience and office experience in utilizing computers for CADD, word processing, engineering and surveying calculations. I am very experienced in Microstation, Microsoft Word, Excel, Traverse PC and many others.


As a United States Mineral Surveyor, I have worked on Mineral Surveys in Arizona, Wyoming and Alaska. As a consultant, I performed the field surveying, office calculations and drafting for a large mining company in Jeffrey City, Wyoming. As a consultant, I performed the survey analysis, calculations and drafting for a large mining company in Platinum, Alaska. I recently completed a large Mineral Survey near Superior, Arizona.

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